Premium quality UAV products

Latest technolgy at most competitive price

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Premium Quality, Reliable & Tested Products

We know what is the importace of reliability and quality in a drone part. We test all our products on real UAVs before starting the production.


All our products use latest technology to provide most advanced features for the segment.

Honest Pricing

We always strive to delivery best quality products at most affordable price. The best value for money you can get for advanced and latest technology.

Developed and produced in house

All our products are reserched and tested by  drone experts. 

We develop and test everything in house keeping needs of drone industry in mind by taking constant feedback from our customers and industry experts. Our products go through rigorous testing before production and shipping.

Products at glance

GenX UAV specializes in various products such as batteries and other components for UAVs and UGVs

Li-Ion Solid State Batteries

Solid State Li-Ion Batteries are latest development in electric UAV. These batteries are upto 35% lighter than same capacity Li-Po batteries and prode almost doube charge cycles compared to Li-Po battery. They also provide high safety against accidental damage.

Li-Po Batteries

There is nothing like Li-Po Batteries when you need more power in small package. With their high burst and contineous current Li-Po batteries are first choice for UAVs which need high current rating.

Li-Ion Batteries

Li-Ion batteries are most economical choice for long endurance drones. They are lightweight compared to Li-Po batteries and cheaper compared to Solid State batteries.

GNSS Receivers, Base stations and Antennas

Our pro series GNSS products provide highly accurate and reliable solution for UAVs and UGVs, specially for mapping, surveying, agriculture and swarming applications.

Terrain and Obstacle Sensors

We have specialized weatherproof terrain and obstacle sensors. Our terrain sensors can precisely measure terrain altitude for appications like agricuture spraying. Our obstacle sensors can easily detect and avoid obstacles – including tree branches, poles, electric cables etc.


State of the art products with highest quality standards